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Localise Your International Digital Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Did you know that 70% of online searches are not in English? (Source: Oban Multilingual) If your target audience are situated in a different country or speak a different language to your own then you must consider professional International Digital Marketing assistance to optimise sales conversions for those markets. We have many years experience in helping businesses to translate and localise their website content and localise/translate their International Search Engine Marketing campaigns for best results.

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Content Translation & Localisation

We work with expert translation teams to localise your sales proposition into any language. On recent projects our most popular International markets include German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.
To demonstrate the key difference between Translation and Localisation there are many humorous examples of famous Car manufacturers who perhaps did not consider their international target audience properly when choosing a name for their new car, for example:
Chevrolet Nova (in Spanish means: "It Doesn't Go")
General Motors had a very famous fiasco in trying to market the Nova car in Central and South America. "No va" in Spanish literally means, "It Doesn't Go".

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International Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Not only do we review and translate your content but we also work to localise your keywords and optimise your content for SEO. We also perform some technical adjustments to your website code and website architecture and setup Google Webmaster Tools so the search engines understand that certain parts of your website are targeted for your international audience.

Translate & Localise Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

In order to drive traffic and sales to your website from your international target audience we work to research and translate Digital Marketing and Advertising campaigns.
Such campaigns include international pay per click campaigns with Google Adwords and Bing Ads, and social media advertising campaigns through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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