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As an?SEO agency?when we approach any new website development project our Digital Marketing team focus their efforts to work with the client to optimise the website so that is has the best possible chance of performing well for their relevant keywords in the search engine results, this process is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Often times we are approached to assist others who have a nice looking website which unfortunately was never properly optimised and their website is not ranking in the search results –?if this sounds like your sort of headache then please get in touch! Over 15 years our team of?SEO experts?have helped many businesses in similar cases where we would perform an SEO audit review to analyse what needs to be done, make amendments and track the website performance in the search results afterwards over a number of weeks to demonstrate any increases and highlight further opportunities for optimisation.

Our Approach To Search Engine Optimisation Will Bring You Results, And We Can Prove It!

With the help of? our?professional SEO consultants?we review your objectives and analyze your competitors carefully to find many opportunities to rank for certain keyword search terms that will bring you?more business leads?and?more sales conversions. We know how to find those opportunities and we know how to rank your website around them, we can also prove that our strategies work because?we measure and demonstrate the results?with reports before and after. Our approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will put your website on the road to top search engine placement and increased benefits where sales and lead generation are concerned. We offer a comprehensive service to analyse your websites performance in the search engines and compare it against your top competitors and improve it with an SEO strategy that is based on 15 years of experience of ranking website for?many happy customers.

Our SEO Service include:

  • Competitive Review and SEO Analysis?of your website and keywords to identify any weaknesses and determine the best opportunities for your site against your competitors.
  • Local Search Optimisation?– if your business serves key local towns and cities we can optimise your website to perform better for those local search terms. We can also assist to register, verify and optimise your business listing on??Google My Business?(and?Bing Places) which is critical to local search optimisation, especially for mobile search results.
  • Mobile Search Optimisation?–?You need a "mobile friendly" website if you want to provide a good user experience, this is so important that Google now considers this as a ranking factor in its search algorithm.
  • On-page Ranking Factors?– a review of your existing website content and web page architecture
  • Technical Optimisation??of your Meta page titles & page descriptions in the code, create search friendly URLs, review XML sitemaps, setup and register your site with Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Speed Optimisation?– did you know that speed is now a ranking factor in Google's search engine? If your website is slow to load, especially on a mobile phone then Google considers this to be a poor user experience, and rightly so. Interestingly, many studies show that an improvement in website speed correlates to increase sales conversion.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation?– to identify any areas that are causing you to lose visitors and sales. This includes a review of your sales copy, page layout, split testing your call-to-actions, creating new optimised landing pages, optimising any contact forms and more. We use a number of tools that can actively track user behaviour on your website in real time, observe how they interact with the website and optimise accordingly.
  • Content Development?– does your Sales copy convert? There is no point in driving more traffic to your website if your sales proposition is not clear and concise with a strong call to action leading them into your sales funnel. We can help to review your sales proposition and work with our professional content writers to make it better. Or perhaps you need more professional articles written as part of a new content marketing strategy, we can help there too!
  • Creative Digital Marketing Strategy -– with our team will help your drive more qualified traffic to your website than just conventional thinking around SEO and online advertising. Our experience working with many clients over many years has helped us develop a few unique creative marketing strategies that will give you the edge over your competitors.
  • Backlink Profile Review -– any spammy links pointing to your website? We help identify and disavow the worst offenders. We can also implement a link building strategy that won’t get you penalised in the search results.
  • Citation Review?– where else is your business listed online? We review your citations and identify more relevant opportunities to improve.
  • Analytics, Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).?We can setup website tracking using tools such as Google Analytics, create custom reports to show you the information you need. Before we begin a project we also agree certain targets as Key Performance Indicators to track the performance of your SEO optimisation over time.

Search Engine Optimisation Is A Long Term Strategy That Brings Consistent Results

As an agency to partner with your business over the long term you can be assured that we only perform SEO using techniques that work within the?guidelines set about by Google, otherwise known as “White hat SEO” techniques. We are not interested in quick fixes or risky link building strategies that could be deemed “Black hat” techniques which may give your site a short term boost but ultimately might run the risk of being heavily penalised by the search engines in the long term. We follow industry experts such as?Rand Fiskin from,?Neil Patel from Sprout Social?and indeed?Google Webmaster Blog?for all the latesest SEO news, trends and strategies.

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So if you are looking for an?SEO agency in Dublin?or Sligo?with a team of?SEO experts?with real digital marketing and web development experience built over 15 years then please get in contact and let’s see how we can help you grow!

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