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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing can be an incredible tool for your business, providing you with more customer insight, direct communication channels and the ability to measure the effectiveness of these conversations very closely.

At our agency can provide you with professional consultation and management of your social media marketing campaigns. We have been mentoring clients successfully to evolve their social media marketing strategies over many years across the following platforms:

  • Facebook campaign management
  • Twitter campaign management
  • LinkedIn campaign management
  • Pinterest campaign management

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10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing:

  • Increased Brand Recognition.
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • More Opportunities to Convert.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Higher Brand Authority.
  • Increased Inbound Traffic.
  • Decreased Marketing Costs.
  • Better Search Engine Rankings.
  • Richer Customer Experiences.
  • Improved Customer Insights.


Set Goals Before You Start

What do you want to achieve, Brand Awareness, Sales, or Loyalty? You have to set goals before you can determine your strategy. Are you trying to increase awareness about your company or product? Trying to decrease calls to your customer service team? Trying to raise the positive sentiment around your brand? These are all different goals that require different strategies.

Define Your Target Audience

Define who you want to target. Is it students in third-level education? Maybe you want to reach people who are recently married or engaged? In the listening phase, find out where they hang out online and what tools they use to communicate. Since both of these target audiences use social media differently, you'll be able to better choose what tools to use when developing your strategy.


Choose Your Tools Wisely

Don't just choose to do video or a blog because you feel like everyone else has one. Choose the tools that best align with your goals and the technologies your target audience use. We can help you research and choose the more appropriate social media channels for your business.


Since you have goals, you'll be able to measure how well you met those goals. How many calls to customer service were deferred? Are people talking about your brand in a more positive light? If you have clearly defined goals, the return on investment will be a lot easier to see.

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